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Workshop / Clinics: learn new skills ranging from how to set up your legal entity, social media tips, how to write a business plan, how to pitch your idea to VCs, how to build your first commercially viable game, code for Alexa, and much more. We notify Members of all upcoming workshops via our weekly Newsletter.

See below this month’s upcoming highlights. For all events, see our Events > Calendar to plan your success.


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June 20, 2019: Appdome

Appdome is totally changing how developers and non-developers add services to mobile apps. Appdome allows mobile app developers and mobility professionals to add any mobile service to any Android and iOS app in seconds without having to code a thing. With Appdome mobile app developers can focus on building great apps and add mobile security, authentication and threat defense SDKs and APIs to their apps at the end of their development cycle, instantly without adding another line of code. Similarly, mobility professionals can add any enterprise authentication, access or EMM/MAM service to any mobile app, including 3rd party apps, to ensure full mobility enablement in of their digital workforce. This training will be via WebEx at 12:00pm PT on June 12. Join virtually. Limited to 20 attendees. Don’t wait, register now!


Santa Cruz New Tech is Premier Sponsor

Santa Cruz New Tech is Premier Sponsor

May 14, 2019: Building Hardware

Ubercool Michael Tchong author of Ubertrends will give us a thrilling presentation on what we can expect from smart devices to social media to AI and robotics. Claire Fleisler the Transportation Adviser for the City of Santa Cruz will talk to us about JUMP bikes trends and upcoming new transportation. Steve Mandel of Oceans360 will show the underwater world of manta rays using an Oculos Go. And yes, someone will win an Oculos Go and Mandel's content! We will announce 4 other companies in the week prior our event.