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Thank you so much for introducing me to the best job I have ever had at Joby Aviation!
— Juliane Farrand / CFO Joby Aviation
Thanks to Santa Cruz New Tech for helping me achieve the dream of living and working locally at Looker!
— Ian Waters / Principal Software Engineer, Architect

Our Member benefits are constantly growing.

New benefits will be added from time-to-time, and will be offered at no additional charge to Members during their active subscription term. We will be sure to notify you. Benefits are subject to change without notice. For example, space with our coworking partners is first come, first serve. Some benefits will only be offered for during promotional subscription periods.

  • Weekly newsletter – Stay informed of events, rising companies, jobs, and everything you need to know to grow your business and career.

  • Monthly events – We host as many as 5 events a month. Standard fee is $20. If you are a Genius Member, you only need to attend 4 events a year to breakeven. Membership covers monthly events, not clinics, unless otherwise stated. And there is more…

  • Company Spotlight Breakfast – Once a month our Partners like Looker, Poly, Joby, and more will host a breakfast at their HQ. Great time to meet the movers and shakers of our community.

  • Coworking – Check out one of our coworking partners Cruzio, The Satellite, or Startup Sandbox. An application will be provided to Thinker and Genius Members to apply and schedule time at these dynamic spaces. *Startup Sandbox is for 1-day only.

  • Video Production Room hour – From The Satellite Workspace Centers, choose between 1-hour in their Video Production room, or a free meeting room hour in any of their locations, or 3 coworking days.

  • Broadband – Our Preferred Internet Provider is Cruzio Internet. Get 1-month free with a 12-month subscription.

  • MBEP State of the Region – $50, a savings of $211.

  • MBEP Economic Summit – $89, a savings of $201.

  • Monthly Sweepstakes – Every month one lucky Member will win a gift such as dinner for two at popular restaurants, product, and more.