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Ghost Hand Productions has grown into a complete, full-service production company because our core foundation is Trust. Here are a few examples of how our clients Trust us:

Our company is uniquely positioned in the Bay Area with all of the top of the line equipment at our fingertips as well as a deep well of seasoned and talented crew and the ability to execute in the corporate and commercial sphere.

Trust Ghost Hand Productions with your next important project!

  •  Showtime and FOX Trust us to capture that live dramatic moment in the ring, the cage, or behind the scenes.
  •  Global corporations Trust us to capture their brand identity and produce impactful media when logistics, time and budget are of utmost importance.
  •  CrossFit Trusts us to get them their multi-camera package, support gear and all tech personnel necessary for broadcasting live on ESPN3.
  •  Fortune 50 companies Trust us to interview their CEO's when they have only a single take.
  •  Major League Baseball Trusts us to capture the moments that happen only once, such as the World Series or record setting moments like Barry Bonds 756th home run.
  •  Smaller production companies Trust us to provide them with the crew and equipment they need to capture the footage required for their clients.