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Drones - The Conversation Has Just Begun

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Do not think about the drone. Think about the application.

Gur Kimchi, VP of Amazon Prime, shared this perspective at the VIP dinner at the Drones, Data X Conference held last week in Santa Cruz, CA. He summed up perfectly the shift in perception about drones that the conference, a first of its kind for Santa Cruz, created for me and many other participants.

Ag Tech and Santa Cruz — The Next Edge of Innovation

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Ag Tech is the next edge for opportunity in tech. Ag is becoming one of the top industries for innovation and investment. Santa Cruz County is in an amazing position to develop a national model on how to build a diverse technology workforce and to become a leader in Ag Tech. When we spoke to the board of directors for the Santa Cruz Farm Bureau and asked what tech needs they had they said two things, mobile apps for small farmers and youth trained in GIS.

Our Time is Now

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"So many people of intelligence, of good judgement, of excellent taste, have already confirmed our statements by coming hither with their families and making their home among us, that we are confident that the time is not far distant when Santa Cruz County shall be, as it deserves to be, the richest tract of country of its size in the world, not only in wealth but in health, happiness and intelligence of its people and all that goes to make life worth living."

--Isabel Raymond

Santa Cruz Development Association