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Local Tech Company Finding Local Tech Talent

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Santa Cruz Works is an initiative to connect local tech talent with local tech jobs and has proved to be effective for Looker, one of Santa Cruz’s fasted growing tech companies. At the time of this post they have 14 open positions in their current expansion phase.  Carolyn Hughes, VP of Talent & Culture at Looker, reports they have received 10 applications directly from their participation in the Santa Cruz Works program.

Instead of Resolutions, Conduct an Annual Review for the New Year

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So how are those New Year's resolutions going? Many people have already succumbed to the familiar routine of old habits. It's not a matter of weak will power. It's that typical New Year's resolutions are perfectly designed to ensure failure.

Imagine New Year's resolutions as business projects for a moment. They would be the nightmare projects you'd be dodging. Huge sweeping ill defined changes, driven by reactionary responses, set out on a vague time line with no strategy for achieving this outcome or clear identification of what successful completion would look like.