Hubspot CRM: More than Just Another Software Tool

Among countless software tools that claim to make life easier for businesses, only few are both easy to use and deliver concrete results. Hubspot’s CRM, offered with a SCW Partnership at an unprecedented 90% discount, at $400 opposed to $4000, is true to its claims and enables you, a business owner to optimize your processes and grow your business. While switching to a cloud based-software driven system may be a big step, a free 1-hour consultation and unparalleled support are there to help the transition.

For those unfamiliar with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, a tool such as Hubspot is essentially a Hub (no pun intended) for all of your sales, marketing, and service initiatives. By centralizing your information flow and effectively adding a filter, Hubspot enables both oversight and competitive insights. With the advent of cloud based CRMs, software solutions previously limited to only the largest businesses have been democratized to benefit any business ready to modernize.

In today’s world of rapidly evolving tech and changing industries, businesses need to be both resilient and dynamic to remain competitive and grow. As a result, services like Hubspot at $400 provide a control center to align with your overall strategy, execute specific tactics, and receive analytics to help educate your future movements. By providing a framework that you can shape around what matters most to your business, Hubspot is a foundation for you to build your business on.

Specifically for small to medium sized businesses, a CRM such as Hubspot provides a competitive edge. Following the included consultation session, you can set up specific pipelines for all of your key processes. From sales, to marketing, to service, a modular approach allows for exactly what you need and more. In addition, the ability to review and summarize the inner workings of your organization ensures valuable insights. By setting up integrated analytics to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of your business, Hubspot allows you to optimize everything you do, bringing your business to the next level.

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