Our Team


Doug Erickson

Doug Erickson is the Executive Director of Santa Cruz Works and the founder of the Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp. He has 30 years of executive level positions in companies such as Live Picture, WebEx, Cisco, SugarCRM, and Nanigans. He is also the co-founder of CruzHacks (HackUCSC) one of the largest hackathons in California. On any day when there is good surf or wind, you can find him surfing or kitesurfing.

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Matthew Swinnerton

Matthew Swinnerton is the Program Director of Santa Cruz Works, and the founder of Event Santa Cruz. He specializes in social media, creative marketing, event hosting & logistics and video production. Matthew is a huge supporter of local small businesses. His favorite non work activities include road trips with his family, spending time on the beach and climbing in Joshua Tree.


Adrian Dolatschko

Adrian Dolatschko is the Marketing and Sales Intern at Santa Cruz Works. Adrian brings a unique perspective from his international experience and entrepreneurial upbringing. Currently, he is studying digital media at the University of California Santa Cruz to learn about the application of modern marketing theory. Favorite pastimes include CrossFit, biking, skiing, surfing, and photography.

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Amanda Rotella

Amanda Rotella has been an organizer and co-host of the New Tech Meetup since 2015. She works for the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development Department as a project manager for City infrastructure projects; liaison to business and community groups/organizations, and supporter of the local tech ecosystem. When Amanda isn’t spending time outdoors or training for a triathlon, she enjoys reading, scrapbooking, and puzzles.

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LeBaron Meyers

LeBaron Meyers has had an eclectic career in investment management, radio and digital media/tech. She specializes and consults on business development, effective leadership and strategic communication. Her passion for the intersection of tech & humanity mirrors her love of business & yoga.

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Tom Padula

Tom Padula is a compulsive engineer, having developed new products for companies such as Digidesign, SGI, and Apple. Currently he is CTO of Symposium, Inc., a Santa Cruz area tech company, bringing its mobile event app EventTime to the market. When not coding, he can be found teaching music, tinkering with cars, and taking care of his horse.


Autumn Cardone

Autumn Cardone is a co-founder of Symposium Inc, producers of the mobile event schedule app EventTime(TR). She is an entrepreneur of many types of business over the last 30 years. When Autumn isn’t involved with business and tech, she spends her time playing social computer games, hanging out researching with her history club friends, or loving on critters. Autumn has been helping out with the Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp since she came to her first meeting 10 years ago.