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[Expo Webinars] How to Write a Capabilities Statement

2019 Norcal Procurement Expo Preparatory Webinar: Part 1 of 3

Is your business interested in marketing to government agencies? The best place to start is with a compelling Capabilities Statement -- a key requirement for companies who are bidding for contracts. At this free webinar, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of the capabilities statement in marketing your business to the Government

  • Learn how to prepare an capabilities statement

  • Tips to make your company stand out from the competition

  • How and where to deliver your capabilities statement (hint: one place is the Norcal Procurement Expo!!)

  • Receive a free capabilties statement template

This webinar is presented by Procurement Specialist Lenny Bean. Lenny is an accomplished business manager with multi-disciplined expertise in both engineering and manufacturing environments. He has held leadership positions in Project Management, Business Development, and Finance.