What Blume, Willy Wonka, and Elon Musk have in common

Blume Distillation, a Watsonville based company creating revolutionary biofuels will join November 6th’s Demystified event with their plant-powered Ford Focus. Using a proprietary method to upcycle organic waste into Ethanol, Blume is setting a new standard for renewable alcohol-based fuels. Already making waves in the automative space Blume’s ethanol powered retuned Ford Focus has measured above industry-standard mileage.

According to Toby Corey, former President of Tesla and a leading voice in entrepreneurship:


To join a tour of Blume’s Facilities scheduled for 2:30pm on Nov. 15th, sign up here.

About Blume

Blume Industries Inc., located in Watsonville, CA, forms project partnerships to build, own and operate economically rewarding Advanced Distributive Biorefinery Plants that produce up to five million gallons of high-demand, eco-beneficial alcohol-based products a year renewably. Blume’s Plants use proprietary advanced Ag tech to convert local farm and food waste into healthy, high-grade alcohol-based solutions and products including regulatory-compliant supply-chain products for indoor crop production and processing, clean alternative fuels for transportation and micro-grid electrical production. www.blumedistillation.com

Adrian Dolatschko