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We produce as many as 5 events every month including the Santa Cruz New Tech monthly “meetup”, clinics where you can learn new skills ranging from coding to entrepreneurship, and open house at our most successful companies.

The Santa Cruz New Tech monthly event includes an hour of networking, food, beverage, and live music, followed by rapid-fire 5-minute company presentations. Learn about new tools and practices to improve your company’s productivity, your skills, or to ignite your entrepreneurial flame. Apply to Present or Become a Sponsor

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See below this month’s upcoming highlights. For MORE events, see our Events > Calendar to plan your success.

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November 6, 2019: Demystified

Douglas Harr / Splunk, #NotMe, Blume Distillery, Five Microns, more…

Doug Harr will demystify the Cloud and Big Data. #NotMe will demystify how employees can safely report workplace misconduct they've witnessed or experienced, while giving employers the solution they need to create an accountable, safe, and thriving culture—for everyone. Five Microns will demonstrate a new device to aid people with shaking hands. Blume Distillation from Watsonville will show us how to run vehicles on alcohol rather than diesel fuel. Full details and tickets at: Demystified

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October 2, 2019: The Impossible…Possible

**** Sold Out**** Joby Aviation, Drako Motors, Modarri, Netflix, and more…

Hear from entrepreneurs who have made impossible dreams...possible. Starting with Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix and board member of Looker, with his new book "That Will Never Work": the story behind Netflix.. GET TICKETS NOW!

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September 4, 2019: Get Biotech

**** Sold Out**** David Deamer, David Haussler, Cephasonics, Claret Biosciences, CruzFoam, SACNAS, Startup Sandbox, UCSC, more... Santa Cruz is a hot bed for biotech. Twelve (12) local and regional innovative companies will present their solutions and jobs. GET TICKETS NOW!

July 10: SCW New Tech

David Vik / Zappos Culture, FujiFilm Open Innovation Hub, Crowd Machine, Wribbn, Musician's BASS, Big Deep Digital, Digital Wellness

Dr. David Vik the architect of Zappos’ world-renown customer-centric culture will share secrets on how to make your company “unstoppable”. And there is more: FujiFilm Open Innovation Hub, Crowd Machine, Musician’s BASS, and Wribbn: GET TICKETS NOW!


June 5: 3rd Annual Get Hired

One of our most successful events of the year: Get Hired. Over 15 companies will do 3-minute “flash presentations” about their company, culture, and the jobs openings: Looker, Poly, Amazon, and more. 200+ jobs will be the prize. Bring your resume and win big. Meet with hiring managers one(1) hour before and after presentations. CLOSED. Our presentation deck at: 3rd Annual Get Hired.



May 1: Ubertrends

Ubercool Michael Tchong author of Ubertrends will give us a thrilling presentation on what we can expect from smart devices to social media to AI and robotics. Claire Fleisler the Transportation Adviser for the City of Santa Cruz will talk to us about JUMP bikes trends and upcoming new transportation. Steve Mandel of Oceans360 will show the underwater world of manta rays using an Oculos Go. And yes, someone will win an Oculos Go and Mandel's content! We will announce 4 other companies in the week prior our event.