Join Toby Corey at Startup Investment and Community Capital Expo

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For entrepreneurs, securing critical funding to fuel their startup is daunting. For investors -- knowing that 90% of all startups fail -- it’s equally challenging to make the right investment to mitigate the risk. Crossing the chasm between entrepreneur and investor isn’t for the faint of heart. 

At Startup Investment and Community Capital Expo on September 27, Toby Corey will offer guidance on how entrepreneurs and investors can cross the chasm to work together successfully. And, he is offering a $15 discount to all Santa Cruz Works Members who would like to attend this event. When registering to attend, use discount code: MBSICC


Toby is a successful entrepreneur, early stage investor, go-to-market operating executive and Stanford University Entrepreneur Lecturer. He has enjoyed a successful career at Tesla, SolarCity, USWeb, and Novell. He will share his research, strategies and advice for how entrepreneurs can increase their chances of “crossing the investment chasm” and how investors can improve their returns. No matter what, it will be interesting luncheon session. 

Doug Erickson