Whatever Happened to Bump?

Bump was a fantastic iOS and Android app for smartphones that enabled users to exchange their business card data by simply bumping their smartphones together. It was #8 on Apple’s all-time most popular free iPhone apps. By February 2013 it had been downloaded 125 million times. But Bump shut down in January of 2014 after being acquired by Google. We have searched high and low for a rationale explanation, but to no avail. AND we can not find a reasonable replacement. Sure there is NFC “Near Field Communications” methods such as AirDrop, but really nothing as elegant as Bump. If you have this information, and we can publish it, we will award one person a free ticket to the Startup Grind Global Conference on February 11-12, 2020. Send your entry to info@santacruzworks.org.

Doug Erickson