Global Warming: A Love Letter from Iowa to Santa Cruz

Many of you know of Toby Corey, former President of Tesla SolarCity, and board member of Santa Cruz Works. Toby is also a lecturer at Stanford and UCSC on Zentrepreneurship. With the help of his very talented song writer singer daughter Jordan Corey, and UCSC student/ SC Works volunteer Aaron Huang, they produced this heartwarming (not global warming) video about Zentrepreneur Life. And read what one person from Iowa had to say below the video.

Subject: Thoughtful Episode Date: September 20,2019

Hey Toby - earlier today, I listened to your Stanford eCorner podcast from May of this year. I run a few small businesses and have 3 young kids, so I don't get to keep up on podcasts as much as I used to. But I really appreciate everything that Stanford does to make their content available to those of us not in the Valley ecosystem.

Your episode regarding mindfulness, the environment, and the next generation was one of the most thoughtful and thought provoking Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders that I have ever listened to. I come from a Midwestern, conservative, and heavily Christian background. But I've been working my way through all of that.

While there were a lot of really great things that you said, I really appreciated the comment you made about disliking labels, but viewing everyone as human beings that should be working together to find solutions to these big problems.

In my businesses, I've just really come to appreciate the beauty of design, efficiency, production, and the people that work for us. I really love what I do, but I also know that it doesn't really holistically do anything, other than be slightly-profitable small businesses. I feel a deeper calling to apply the lessons that I've learned, but I haven't found that calling yet. Listening to your thoughts earlier today brought it all back to the surface, and made me want to figure that out quicker.

It'll come with time, and thanks for making your thoughtful discussion public to inspire the rest of us. Keep up the good work,

Ben Anderson

Doug Erickson