The Impossible Possible: Netflix, Joby Aviation, Onewheel, Drako, Thoughfull Toys

How many times have you had a great new business idea, only to get cold water thrown on it by your friends and advisors? Let’s say that your idea was to mail DVDs in 1998 when there were only a handful of DVDs on the market, and a Blockbuster on every street corner. Let’s say that you want to create a vertical takeoff electric aircraft that will change the aero transportation industry forever. Or may be you want to build a new skateboard that only has one wheel. Or, you tell your friends that Elon Musk has it all wrong, and that you are going to make an evolutionary new automobile. Learn from these entrepreneurs how they started with an impossible idea, and made it possible. Get your tickets before it is too late! Get Me A Ticket!

Doug Erickson