Nina Simon Selected for Prestigious Ashoka Fellows Social Innovators Award


Nina Simon, the past and long-time Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History has been awarded the world renowned Ashoka Fellows Social Innovators Award. This prestigious award goes to a select few social entrepreneurs for their innovative ideas that transform society. Her new “tech-for-good” startup, OF/BY/FOR ALL, provides a platform for organizations to make concrete changes to become more relevant to diverse communities.

OF/BY/FOR ALL focuses on transforming public institutions such as museums, theaters, parks and libraries from traditional service providers into community-building platforms powered by the people they serve.

Nina has also played an active role in publicizing her perspectives through a variety of mediums. Her bestselling books,  The Participatory Museum and The Art of Relevance, numerous blog posts on the Museum 2.0 blog, which she authored from 2006-2019, Ted talks on opening up museums and deepening relevance, and a short video from where she was named Santa Cruz County Woman of the Year: all testaments to her tireless work to promote communities.

Look for Nina to demystify the first steps to greater diversity and equity at work on November 6 at Demystifying Tech.

Adrian Dolatschko