The 2019 Gamification Survey by TalentLMS

In 2014, TalentLMS conducted a gamification survey to examine how gamified elements change the state of training. In 2018, our gamification stats focused on productivity, motivation, and gamification for employee engagement. This year, the TalentLMS survey has covered both topics.

The interest in gamification seems to be constant. A simple search online comes up with 11 million pages with published content on gamification in business, statistics, and gamification studies.

But does it work? Is employee gamification worth the publicity? In 2018, the answer was yes. But what about 2019?

TalentLMS turned to almost 900 employees and asked whether they had noticed any gamification elements in an app or software they use at work. 374 answered no and were disqualified. Read the Survey Results at: The 2019 Gamification at Work Survey

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Doug Erickson