Update: Musician's BASS Making Progress

Musician’s BASS, the startup providing digital tools for musician's careers has gained more and more momentum. As funding pours in and the beta launch date approaches, founder Aliza Hava provides an update.

With a powerful idea, Aliza has been finding international backing. From NY to California, Europe, Israel, the UK, and India, the startup’s success has become a global endeavor. Through securing partnerships, finding advisors and developers, pulling together funding, and sharing her vision, support is growing at a feverish pace.

Throughout the last months, Musician’s BASS has been working toward its beta launch with the help of a new intern Grant Simmons who was recruited through Santa Cruz Work’s own New Tech Meetup in July 2019.

Through Musician’s BASS’ goal to empower independent artists to succeed in an ever-changing and highly-competitive music industry, Aliza has found like minded parties. By providing the digital tools required to help artists market, manage, and monetize their music careers more efficiently, Aliza is aligning tech and the music industry.

With several hundred artists on the waiting list, the beta launch of Musician’s BASS is expected to be a great success. Artists will be able to showcase their career highlights, book gigs, and share approved PR content, and stage plots. In addition, BASS will also provide informative blog content that will help artists publicize their careers.

Next to all these exciting developments, the rapidly growing startup is in the midst of an angel investment round that will be used to launch, scale, and begin work on future features, and grow the startup!

With upcoming travel to LA and New York, Musician’s BASS is going to the heart of an industry, with a product with the potential to disrupt the music business for good.

Aliza has requested that anyone who is interested in investing please contact her/Musician’s BASS.

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