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Catching up with Hansnap founder Justis Earle

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By Joel Hersch 

Justis Earle—the local founder of a camera-stabilizing wrist strap known as “Hansnap”—thinks of himself as a longtime “troublemaker,” ever since he was young. But, in his view, that label doesn’t always add up to something problematic. Sometimes, it’s about creativity; not being afraid to march to the beat of one’s own proverbial drum, an eagerness to color outside the lines, and a devotion to throwing rulebooks out of windows whenever possible. 

Transforming the Global B2B Industry from Santa Cruz: a Conversation with Paystand’s Jeremy Almond

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by Cat Johnson

Paystand is on a mission to transform B2B payments using the internet, blockchain, and SaaS technologies. The goal is to enable enterprises of all size to reduce their time to cash, lower cost, and improve their operational efficiency.

The Santa Cruz standout is growing rapidly and catching people’s attention. The company has been featured in TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Forbes and more.

But all the attention is peripheral to the company’s focus.

How to Reduce the Eco-Footprint of Your Lunch: A Conversation with Cityblooms Founder Nick Halmos

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By Molly Ressler

Here in Santa Cruz, it takes little effort to find a wide variety of locally grown produce all year round. For many communities across the US, however, eating locally isn’t an option. Nick Halmos, CEO and founder of Cityblooms is combining technology and innovative urban farming techniques to change this and bring locally grown food to the masses.

Dark Energy, the Universe and Bridging Local Tech with Astronomy: a Conversation with UCSC’s Ryan J. Foley

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by Cat Johnson

According to his UCSC bio, Ryan J. Foley is an assistant professor of Physical & Biological Sciences in the university’s Astronomy & Astrophysics Department. The title is slightly intimidating and I’m not entirely sure what it means.

When I ask Foley what he says when someone casually asks him what he does for work, he jokes that it depends on whether or not he wants to talk to the person.

Disruptive thinking with Cruz Foam co-founder John Felts. 

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By Joel Hersch 

California’s technology sector comprises a vast range of products, but at first thought, many will think of things such as “apps,” “programming,” or “virtual reality.” So, as Surf City Santa Cruz unfurls its fledgling identity as a wonderful home for tech startups, what traits help to qualify an industry or new product as fitting within the “tech sector?”